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​We are located on St. James Street between 7th and 8th Streets,

between Walnut and Locust. Go up St. James Street, and it will open to a Courtyard. There are 2 yellow poles on either side of our pathway. If you walk between them, it will take you directly to our door. The call box number is 005, or there will be a phone number posted to call.

​Please note:

Your GPS will take you to the front of the building. Our entrance is in the back up St. James Street



Monday~ Closed 
Wednesday ~ Closed
Tuesday/Thursday ~ Close at 7
Friday ~ Close at 6
Saturday~ 9 to 6:30


Appointment requests or calls will be returned as soon as possible. When requesting an appointment, please leave the following:

NAME   PHONE NUMBER   DATE REQUEST (at least 3 days if possible) 

Because our appointments are kept private with only the bride and her guests, our salon hours are precise and up to an hour and a half per appointment.  Stylists are scheduled per appointment, and are not on premises.   

Bookings for our Private Appointments are on a first come, first served basis. A wait list will be created in the event of multiple requests.

 We ask that you give Unveiled 24-48 hours notice in the event of a change or cancellation to your appointment.

    Appointments booked 1 month or further out will need to be held by a credit card. In the event of a no-call/no- show, the card will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee. This policy is implemented due to the high demand of our private appointments and our stylist's schedules.


The Offices at The St. James   2nd level

Courtyard Entrance on St. James Street​

200 West Washington Square, Suite 250

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Telephone:  (267) 216–6339